How we got started at Mastin / Co-Man

Randy’s parents, Burton and Norma Mastin, started pumping septic tanks in the mid-1960s with their company, Bert’s Septic Tanks Service. Throughout the 1970’s, Randy helped his father with the family business while also racing motorcycles professionally at the national and international level. In 1977, Bert passed away due to complications from a work-related injury sustained while at Libbey-Owens-Ford Co., his second job. Norma, Randy’s mother kept the business for a couple of years before selling it to Randy and his wife Shirley.

In 1978, Randy Mastin Septic Tank was incorporated and has since grown and transitioned through the years from merely pumping septic tanks to completing installations and making septic tanks. Randy also started a garbage removal business in the late 1990s, but eventually sold it to a larger national company. In the early 2000s, he added another division to the company, Co-Man Portable Toilets, dedicated to renting restrooms.

Today at Mastin / Co-Man

Today, Randy Mastin Septic Tank Inc. is owned and operated by Randy and Shirley Mastin, along with their daughter, Mandi, and has two divisions.

Our first division, Mastin Septic and Well Service, provides complete septic services, including pumping, inspecting, repairing, and installing septic systems. It also provides well services, including servicing/repairing well pumps, and inspecting, upgrading, and abandoning water well systems.

Our second division, Co-Man Portable Toilets, provides the rental of portable restroom units for construction sites, special events, festivals, graduation parties, weddings, corporate events, and parks and recreation.


Co-Man Portable Toilets

The growth of Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan has been even greater in the last several years. The expanding demand for portable and mobile restroom facilites demands that contractors, sub-contractors and all clients are provided with clean, sanitary, portable restrooms. At Co-Man Portable Toilets, we have the crews and equipment to do what it takes to accomodate the restroom needs of any size job, party or special event.

Mastin Septic System and Drain Cleaning

For almost 50 years, Randy Mastin Septic Tank, Inc. has been providing professional septic system service, septic tank service, Septic installation and septic tank pumping services in Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. We clean drains of almost every size and type. Call Now to learn how we can help you! Visit Mastin Septic System Service Site

Mastin Water Well Services

Mastin Water Well Service also provides every water well service for your water well with the exception of the actual drilling of a new water well. Call us Now for:
  • Deep Well Pump Replacement
  • Shallow Well Pump Service
  • Well Chlorination
  • No Water From Your Well
  • Low Water Pressure From My Water Well
  • Bad Smell In Your Well Water
  • Fizzing Water Coming From My Tap
Visit Mastin Water Well Service Site

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